Buck Walter, Bucks County Landscape Architect J. Willis Buck Walter - Head Designer / Partner
B.S. Landscape Architecture – Temple University
A.S. Architecture – Penn College

Buck describes his design style as “romantic”. He creates garden spaces that reflect their surroundings. He takes cues from architectural elements and historical aspects of the plot he is working with. “All sites have their own unique sense of place, and a garden must relate to its surroundings. That is where I find my starting point.” He believes there is a symbiotic relationship between garden, landscape and architecture. His work often includes straight lines and built elements that are the framework of the gardens. “Walls, paths, structures and fences should look as they have always been there, and have purpose." (more)

Buck Walter, Bucks County Landscape Architect Joseph Craig Walter - Garden Designer / Partner
B.S. Landscape Architecture – Temple University

Garden Designer Joey Walter’s sense of design is very forward, modern and bold, yet it is always grounded in tradition and influenced by the unique natural landscapes he seeks out in his travels. He creates spaces that are striking upon entering, but quickly become soft, warm and calming to the viewer. Joey’s collaboration with Buck and Sara consistently turn out well planned and thoroughly thought out designs.
Joey developed his passion for plants and design as a boy growing up in the family business. His late mother was a great influence on him. Not only did she pass on very creative genes, but as an artist and garden designer and taught him valuable techniques. (more)

Buck Walter, Bucks County Landscape Architect Sara Lynn Schaefer - Garden Designer / Estate Maintenance Manager
B.S. Ornamental Horticulture with a minor in Landscape Design – Delaware Valley College
Sara’s design inspiration comes from the French Impressionists’ work and their gardens. Whether it is the shimmer of Gaura on a sunny day or the misty blue of Nepeta in the soft rain, the play of light, colors, textures and shapes all factor in to her designs. Billowing mounds of perennials overflowing in a border and the classics, such as boxwood, hydrangea and rhododendron, are among Sara’s favorites. Sara works closely with Buck and Joey, sharing her gift of planting design, where she can create the perfect herbaceous plant pallet. (more)

Buck Walter, Bucks County Landscape Architect James Craig Walter, Production Manager / Partner
A.S. Landscape Design – Temple University
Jim is the Production Manager and holds an Associate of Science in Landscape Design from Temple University and has been working for the family firm for more than 25 years. Jim’s passion for construction has helped shape the firm. While he used to handle many of the designs, client meetings and presentations, he now manages projects once they are off the drawing board and in to the field.

Buck Walter, Bucks County Landscape Architect Chip Schaefer, Nursery and
Wholesale Manager
Chip is a graduate of Temple University with a degree in Landscape Design. He worked for many years at a large commercial wholesale greenhouse as a grower and production manager. Chip has been with Walter's Nursery since 2006 working as a landscape and estate maintenance foreman. He has been growing and testing plants for years and is always keeping up to date with the newest varieties and the latest trends in the plant world. Chip is an avid gardener and sportsmen.

Buck Walter, Bucks County Landscape Architect Carol Oldford, Office Manager
Carol is the first to greet our clients and runs the office at Walter's Nursery. With her invaluable ability to multi-task, she keeps a tight ship. Continually attending seminars and classes, Carol stays educated about tax laws and accounting. Outside of work Carol enjoys saltwater fishing and spending time with her husband and daughter. She is an active community volunteer and works with special needs children.

Buck Walter, Bucks County Landscape Architect Jack Walter Davis, Assistant Nursery Manager
Jack has been with the family firm since his youth. He had been trained by his grandfather, the founder of the firm and his uncles. Jack’s knowledge of the nursery runs deep. He is available to wholesale and occasionally retail clients for nursery tours and plant selection. Jack takes pride in keeping the nursery tidy and well maintained. He is a nature enthusiast, who loves to bird watch.

Buck Walter, Bucks County Landscape Architect J. Seth Walter, Project Foreman / Partner
The lead foreman at Walter’s Nursery, Seth has been with the firm since 1982. In addition to the field work, Seth is a business manager and works closely with our office manager. Seth is state certified in Integrated Pest Management, and is able to identify and treat many plant pest problems. He attends lectures, workshops and walks to keep his certification and knowledge currant and useful. Outside of work, Seth is an avid sportsman, traveling all over North America pursuing his passion.

Buck Walter, Bucks County Landscape Architect Jeffrey Ronald Davis, Integrated Pest Management
Jeff is certified in Integrated Pest Management (IPM - the implementation of diverse methods of pest controls, paired with monitoring to reduce unnecessary pesticide applications. In IPM, pesticides are used in combination with other crop management approaches to minimize the effects of pests while supporting a profitable system that has negligible negative effects) and is one of the most knowledgeable in his field. Working closely with the Penn State Cooperative Extension through the College of Agricultural Sciences, he is able to identify, treat and manage a wide range of plant pests and diseases. With well over 30 years of experience at Walter’s Nursery, he knows how to do most anything that comes his way.

Buck Walter, Bucks County Landscape Architect Jesse Ephraim Walter, Masonry Division
Manager / Partner
Jesse is the lead mason of our stonework division. His artistic attention to detail and ability to foresee and solve problems before they arise make him a valuable member of the team. Jesse enjoys spending his free time with his wife and three sons, as well as his restoration projects of a 1964 pick-up truck and an 1956 old Norton Motorcycle. He is an avid sportsman, traveling the country with his father and brother fishing and hunting.